About Us

That Reminds Me is a podcast where we talk about books we’ve read, TV or movies we’ve watched, or podcasts we’ve heard. Our aim is not just to summarise or review them, but to discuss all the things they reminded us of, draw and explain connections to other things we’ve read or seen, and introduce our listeners to interesting facts or stories. We think a good episode is one where the conversation digresses so much that it’s difficult to return to the original point.

We try to discuss the things we really love, because objectivity is all well and good, but passion is the antidote to the despair and cynicism prevalent in both regular media and social media.

Right now, That Reminds Me is two friends, Aadisht Khanna and Ashish Kulkarni, talking to each other; but we’re looking for guests who can join us in drawing connections between the things they’ve read, the things they’ve heard, and their own experiences.