004 – A Murder on Malabar Hill, Milk Teeth


Aadisht Khanna and Ashish Kulkarni were joined by Nehaa Chaudhari to discuss two novels set in the Bombay and Mumbai of the past: Sujata Massey’s A Murder on Malabar Hill; and Amrita Mahale’s Milk Teeth. The conversation took its usual diversions, and covered television legal dramas, the deleterious effect of Kolkata on Parsis, the major changes Indian houses have gone through; and, of course, coffee.

This episode has mild spoilers for A Murder on Malabar Hill and serious spoilers for Milk Teeth.

Nehaa is @nehaachaudhari on twitter.

What We Discussed

Vivek Tejuja’s Twitter thread

Goodreads: A Murder on Malabar Hill

Goodreads: Milk Teeth

IMDb: Midnight in Paris

Goodreads: Taj Mahal Foxtrot

IMDb: Chhoti si Baat

Goodreads: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Goodreads: Maximum City

Goodreads: Behind the Beautiful Forevers

Goodreads: English, August

IMDb: Sex Education

The Days Are Just Packed

Goodreads: Normal People


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