001g: Twitter and Tear Gas; Waldenponding; Rule Makers, Rule Breakers


Ashish Kulkarni spoke to Aadisht Khanna about Twitter and Tear Gas, a book by Zeynep Tufekci which discusses the impact of social media on protest movements, and about two different EconTalk episodes: one is an interview with Venkatesh Rao where he talks about the concept of Waldenponding that he came up with, and another is an interview with Prof. Michele Gelfand about her book called Rule Makers, Rule Breakers, which discusses how much different cultures demand compliance to their norms.

What We Discussed

Goodreads: Twitter and Tear Gas

Website: Twitter and Tear Gas

Free ebook (Creative Commons license): Twitter and Tear Gas

EconTalk: Venkatesh Rao on Waldenponding

Venkatesh Rao’s essay Against Waldenponding

Venkatesh Rao’s essay Premium Mediocre

Wikipedia: The Red Queen hypothesis

Goodreads: Here Comes Everybody

Goodreads: It’s Complicated

Goodreads: Exit, Voice, and Loyalty

Wikipedia: The Streisand Effect

Goodreads: Walden

EconTalk: Michele Gelfand on Rule Makers, Rule Breakers

Goodreads: Rule Makers, Rule Breakers


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