001h – Germany


Ashish Kulkarni had been reading about Germany all through February, and blogging about the things he read. In this episode, Aadisht Khanna spoke to him about three broad themes he had covered – the unification of Germany in the late nineteenth century, the German experience with hyperinflation in the aftermath of World War I, and the German Reunification.

What We Discussed

Goodreads: The War That Ended Peace

Goodreads: Germania

Goodreads: Danubia

Wikipedia: Alfred von Tirpitz

Goodreads: The Guns of August

What Started the Biggest Population Boom in History?

NPR: How Fake Money Saved Brazil

A Theory of Optimum Currency Areas by Robert A. Mundell

The New York Times: Revenge of the Optimum Currency Area

Goodreads: Cities and the Wealth of Nations

The Intersection: How Indian Standard Time stays standard

Reddit: On different German words for mother and father

Goodreads: Because Internet

Goodreads: Why Nations Fail

Goodreads: Open Borders

Econ for Everybody: One on inflation, and four on Germany’s reunification

Econ for Everybody: Four articles about the creation of Germany, and one about it’s reunification


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